Credit: Facebook Photo: Jef, Emily, and Ricki With Jef's Parents, Lisa and Monte Holm, on August 19, 2012

Thank the Bachelorette Overlords, Jef and Emily are finally back in each other's orbit after a few weeks spent apart. From what we can gather, it appears that Jef and his hair coif shimmied into a pair of skinny jeans and booked it over to The Carolinas, where Emily lives with her daughter Ricki. OMG, everyone break out your pink goggles, it's a Jef and Ricki reunion!

Even better? Jef, Ricki, and their sidekick visited Jef's parents, who are currently in South Carolina doing work for their Utah-based church. Check out this pic of the whole family looking various shades of beautiful during a giant get-together, where Ricki and Emily bonded with Jef's tribe of brothers, sisters, and their misters.

Could Jef and Em be scoping out possible places to get married? 'Cause this beachy oasis looks picture perfect, just saying.

Source: Facebook