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Please pop "If I Could Turn Back Time" into your CD player and join us on a trip down memory lane, a beautiful journey where we remember Season 8 Bachelorette Emily Maynard and her erotic love affair with Jef Holm (an Affair to Remember, if you will).

We'll never forget this hot couple's romantic engagement, but tragically they called it quits after just a few months of dating. The good news? Jef and Em have been spotted chillin' like villains on several occasions, and it looks like they might still have feelings for each other –– which brings us to 5 reasons we're rooting for them to get back together! Other than the fact that our "Jemily" tattoo will finally be relevant.

1. Neither Of Them Has Found Someone Better

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Not to hate on Jef Holm's gaggle of girlfriends, but let's get real. None of them compare to Emily. Sure, Jef tried going on the rebound with blonde bombshell Katianna Bear, but does she wear mumus? No. And does she refer to herself as a "West Virginia Hood Rat"? Nope. Meanwhile, Emily been seen out and about with an array of handsome men, none of whom rock a hair coif. Clearly, someone needs to tell Jemily that they will never do better than each other, and that someone is us. No scrubs, guys.


2. Their Love Was Pure, Sob!

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Not to get really emotional less than halfway through this list, but we are currently weeping all over our JEMILY FOREVER lavender sachet. While many couples on The Bachelorette have failed relationships (that's the understatement of the century), Jef and Emily were the real deal. We never once thought they were faking it for television, and need we remind you of the time Jef said he was "feeling a mix of a million emotions"? Their love-connection was even more potent than Chris Harrison's rose-scented body odor!


3. Opposites Attract

So, Emily and Jef have literally nothing in common. She's a wizened single mom who loves cats and Jesus, and he's a professional do-gooder who spends his time flashing the peace sign at random plebeians while whipping his coif back and forth. But if there's one thing we've learned from Ice and Coco, it's that opposites attract! Jef and Emily balance each other out perfectly. She's totally the fat-free to his Coca-Cola!


4. It's The Law

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Look, we don't know what goes on at Bachelor Headquarters, but we were under the impression that Chris Harrison had personally forced Jef and Emily to sign a binding contract with their own blood. If this is the case, clearly they are in breach, and we, The Bachelor People, would like to file a class action lawsuit. Because the Bachelor Constitution says we can.


5. They'd Make The Cutest Babies

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Have you ever morphed Emily and Jef's faces together on a baby picture generator? The results are nothing short of spectacular. Not that we'd know from first hand experience or anything (stop judging our hobbies), but seriously. Cutest. Child. Ever. Picture a toddler with a hair coif and veneers, and you're on the right track.