Credit: Twitter

Get ready for a glimpse at what's to come, gang! Emily Maynard and her hipster lover, Jef Holm, are back from their excursion to Africa, and they recently hit up Bachelorette producer Cassie Lambert's wedding. Awwww!

Check out this beyond adorable pic of Em and Jef dressed in their wedding day finest. Our hearts just exploded into rainbows and ponies! And can we please talk about the fact that Jef's white button down is completely see-through? He's about two seconds away from a nip-slip. Keep up the good work, buddy!

By the way, Emily's adventures in Ghana have made her more charitable than ever, and she captioned this pretty pic with, "Loved sipping on @OneHopeWeddings wine knowing that proceeds are going to @dropinthebucket! #cleanwaterinAfrica @PeopleWater."

Sigh, these two. Changing lives one carafe of white wine at a time.

Source: Twitter