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Bachelorette Emily Maynard just can't catch a break when it comes to her relationship with Jef Holm, and the latest? El Jefe has been accused of cheating on our West Virginia Mountain Mama and taking half her money in exchange for keeping up public appearances. So, what do Jef and Em have to say for themselves this time?

"We just try to laugh about it and not read it," Emily explains to E! News. "I trust him, he trusts me, and that's really the bottom line. We always make a phone call to our parents and friends and say, 'That's not true," and at this point they're like 'We know.'"

Jef explains that trust and communication are vital in their relationship (especially because of all these rumors), but at the end of the day he says, "She's my best friend. We hang out together, we have fun. This is better than any relationship I've ever been in."

Want proof? Just head over to Charlotte, North Carolina, where Emily says local fans know what's up. "They see us at the grocery store, and Target, and carpool, and they're like, ‘OK, this has to be legit.’”

The southern townies have spoken, y'all! Team Jem forever!

Source: E!