Here's what we know: 1) Emily Maynard and Jef Holm went on vacation in South Carolina together. 2) While in SC, Jef's brother says he overheard Jef confront Emily about some scandalous texts to another man. That's right, we have a sexting scandal on our hands (this is the '90s all over again), and Mike Holm thinks Emily cheated on his bro!

Who knows if the traumatizing tales of Em's cyber affair are true (crossing our fingers that it's all lies!), but one thing's for sure: Em and Jef aren't letting the media storm get the better of them. Not only are these two speaking out in their defense, they've been tweeting pictures of themselves non-stop, inlcuding an adorable photo of Ricki's first day at school!

"First day of first grade was a success," Jef tweeted, along with a pic of himself, Emily, Ricki, and Ricki's grandparents. "Met the Hendricks, nicest people ever. #greatday."

Awww, Ricki! We're so glad Jef and Em are keeping their priorities in check in the wake of this interweb madness. Team Jemily 4TW!

Source: Instagram