Being Emily Maynard is kind of a full-time job. Not only does she have to juggle fame and motherhood, but it’s gotta take effort to look that flawless all the time! However, her official job title is “proud stay-at-home mom.: And don’t even try to come for her on this, y’all.

After Emily was photographed at a boutique in downtown Charlotte, a Twitter user who goes by @AFanforYears asked Emily, “You're always traveling and shopping, when do you work? How do you support yourself and Ricki?”

Emily first responded to the question with a joke. “I wish this were true! Unfortunately no one is at my house taking pics of me cleaning toilets.”

Credit: Facebook

Unsatisfied with Em’s answer, the Twitter follower pressed on. “What? Someone pays you to clean your own toilets? I'm talking about a job, your livelihood, money you earn?” Wow, rude much? 

That’s when the gloves came off Em’s perfectly manicured hands. “There are stay at home moms all over the world. I'm certainly not the only one. Not sure why this would be any of your business?”

And it totally isn’t. But since we are all about knowing stuff that’s not our business, we can report that Emily earned a pretty nice salary for her time on The Bachelorette, in addition to the support she’s received from her daughterRicki Hendrick’s wealthy grandparents. Basically, Emily can spray tan and shop to her heart’s delight — we don’t think she’s hurting for money!

Source: Twitter

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