We've always known Emily Maynard is a cat lady (amen, sister), but girlfriend has taken her obsession to a whole new level. Emily's started dressing her feline friends in festive floral pajamas, and yes they look fabulous.

"Should I be ashamed of this? #catspajamas," Emily posted on Instagram along with a photo of her pals with paws.

Erm, no one should be ashamed of cat pajamas. In fact, Emily is dishing on where she got these purrrrfect outfits! "Obviously a very exclusive, extremely expensive boutique," Emily tweeted jokingly, adding "(Petsmart)"

Clearly, Emily in head-over-heels for her kittens  though she definitely has a sense of humor about it. "They are so lazy and spoiled," she tweeted. "All they do all day is shop, get their nails done, and spray tan. Oh wait.. Never mind."

Hmmm, sounds like someone we know. Ourselves.

Source: Instagram / Twitter / Twitter