Emily Maynard pretty much caused the internet to explode into rainbows when she was spotted having a dinner date with Bachelorette winner Jef Holm on December 11th, but her latest date is even hotter — and she's a lady!

Yep, Jef and his coif can go ahead and step to the left (everything you own is in a box to the left), because Emily's main squeeze is her bestie, Ashley Speegle! Ash (who works at North Carolina's best tanning salon, Glow Charlotte) and Em have been buddies for a while now, and they recently had a chance to get their bond on. We're so glad Emily's living it up before shipping off to California for Dancing with the Stars!

"Hottest date in town," Emily posted on Instagram along with a picture of herself and Ash.

Wow, these ladies are stunning — and is it just us or do they look identical? Sisters from another mister, guys.

Source: Instagram