Credit: Instagram Photo: Emily Maynard and Daughter Ricki on Valentine's Day 2013

If there's one truth in this sinister world, it's that Emily Maynard is the most stylish Bachelorette this side of the hoedown. This West Virginia Mountain Mama is famous for her devastating good looks, natural beauty, and fabulous fashion, and it looks like Em's daughter, Ricki, has inherited her mama's flawless sense of style.

Despite the fact that Ricki is seven-years-young, Emily encourages her kiddo to express herself with her innovative clothing choices.

"My love for fashion and beauty began as soon as I could start dressing myself," Emily explains. "My mom would let me wear whatever I wanted to as long as I looked clean and put-together. Fashion and beauty are ways for Ricki to figure out what she likes and doesn’t like. It’s fun for me to see her personality develop through her choice in clothes."

Remember that time Ricki rocked cornrow braids in her hair on
The Bachelorette? Those were the days, sob!

There's no doubt that The Rickster dresses adorably for her age, but do you think girlfriend is
slightly too young to pick out her own outfits? Lord knows if we could go back in time and dress ourselves at seven, we'd leave the house in a leotard, tutu, and giant New Kids On The Block t-shirt. Also, it was the 90s.