Credit: EM43 / Splash News Photo: Ali Fedotowsky, Emily Maynard, and Ashley Hebert Walk Hand-in-Hand on February 8, 2012

Does Emily Maynard like the bad boys or just the inked boys?

We know the Season 8 Bachelorette wants a funny/cute guy with good manners who is ready to be a stepdad to her daughter … but it sounds like it might help if he’s also rocking some tats.

"Emily told me she likes guys with tattoos, so we'll see what kind of guys she has on this season," Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky tells Us Weekly. "It should be interesting. I'm psyched."

Emily’s Bachelor 15 ex Brad Womack has a giant cross on his sexy back. Above the tat is the word “Prosapia,” which is Latin for “family.”

Ali has become friends with Emily, calling her “amazing” and “such a sweetheart.” "If anyone deserves to find love, it's her,” Ali said.

Well, we all deserve love! But when ABC finally releases the bios for Em’s boyfriends — they’re coming soon, since her premiere is on Monday, May 14 — we should probably pay attention to their tattoo counts. Maybe it’s a hint?

Source: Us Weekly

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