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In the months since Emily Maynard ended her engagement to Bachelorette 8 fiance Jef Holm, there have been a flurry of rumors about potential new romances for both of them — well, mainly for Jef. So what about Emily? Has she found someone special in her life after the show, or is she simply taking some time to be single?
Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Emily at the Bachelor cocktail party in L.A. on January 11, and she set the record straight on her current situation.
“Dating, or lack thereof, there’s not much of it going on these days, unfortunately,” Emily said. “Maybe fortunately for everyone else but unfortunately for me. But I’m really happy being single, to be honest, and that’s one thing that I’ve taken away from all this is that, I’m pretty good on my own. It’s really cool.”

That’s not to say she wouldn’t be open to love if the right guy came along. And Em does have a few qualities she looks for, too. “Someone to make me laugh,” she said, adding,” I want a man that can take charge.”

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When asked for more details on her ex, Jef, Emily kept her answer short. She said simply, “He’s living his life and I’m really happy for him.” 

Still, that doesn’t mean she’s making any sort of effort to keep in contact. “I think it’s best when you break up you kind of take a break from each other.”

Reporting by Carole Glines.