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Bachelorette Emily Maynard is known for her fabulous fashion (glitter-encrusted mumu, anyone?), so naturally she has a lot of opinions on Sean Lowe's hive of hotties. Most of these ladies wore standard floor-length gowns with a hefty splash of sparkle, but a few gals brought major style and Emily's rounded them up!

First on the list? Kacie B! "You can tell Kacie has been through this before because she threw the idea of wearing a long gown out the window and showed up in a super hot, super short black dress," Emily writes on her InStyle blog. "Let’s be honest, what guy would send her home after getting out of the limo looking like that?!"

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Emily also loved Diana's fishtail braid and flowing skirt, and even gave a special shout-out to Lindsay for wearing a "full-on wedding dress." But Em's favorite look from The Bachelor premiere? That would be Desiree's blood-red chiffon dress, which she designed herself.

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"Desiree's red gown looked really beautiful on her, and she designed it herself, so if things were to work out with Sean, I'm excited to see her wedding dress!" she writes. Real-talk, girl. Desiree is definitely this year's reigning fashionista, and we can't wait to see what else she brings to the table!

And if The Bachelor doesn't work out, might we suggest Project Runway? 

Source: InStyle