Credit: Twitter

After months of silence, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm shared a playful exchange over Twitter last night! What brought about the end to the radio silence? You can thank their shared interest in golf and The Bachelorette’s host with the most, Chris Harrison (indirectly, anyway).

This weekend, Jef and Chris hit the links 90 minutes south of Em at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Apparently the experience was a “bucket list” item for Jef and Chris. After their bros’ weekend, one fan remarked on Twitter, “Did @jefholm leave @EmilyMaynard for @chrisbharrison because that's what it seems like.”

Credit: @JefHolm

True to form, Jef cheekily responded, “Today I did... he’s a better golfer.” Oh no he didn’t!

Emily, of course, couldn’t let such a jab go unanswered. “How quickly you forget I was on the golf team... I was the manager but whatever. I was in the yearbook.” Touché, Jef!

It’s nice to see these two on friendly terms — friendly enough for playful banter on social media, at the very least!

Source: Emily Maynard’s Twitter

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