Sean Lowe's hive of hotties really stepped up to the fashion plate during The Bachelor's Women Tell All special, and Bachelorette Emily Maynard is dishing on her favorite looks of the night! Let's be real, all these ladies looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous (clearly they wanted to show Sean what he was missing!), but Em's fave? None other than Lesley Murphy, who wore a hot-red Herve Leger!

"If I ever run into an ex boyfriend, there’s no question I want to be wearing Lesley’s dress!” Emily tells InStyle. "The red dress she wore was absolutely gorgeous, and I just hope she was able to go out afterwards because I'm sure the men would've been lined up."

Credit: ABC

Emily also loved Sarah Herron's coral dress (she "just seems like the perfect California Girl") and she thought AshLee Frazier was a self-contained comeback tour for the ages. “And does anyone else love AshLee’s new [ombre] hair as much as I do?” Emily writes. “I may or may not have already printed out a picture to take to the salon this week.”

Do you think Emily should dye her locks of love ombre in honor of AshLee? There's no denying that girlfriend looked hotter-than-hot while accusing Sean of being a lying frat boy!

Source: InStyle