When there's something sparkly in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters Emily Maynard!

This blonde beauty queen is known for her effortless-yet-chic style, and her outfits during The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were absolutely stunning. Well, except for that time she wore a mumu — otherwise known as The Dress That Shall Not Be Named.

Emily is just as addicted to Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor as we are, but she has her eye on style. Sean's lady harem have already rocked some pretty daring outfits, and Emily is dishing on her favorites from this week's steamy episode!

Credit: ABC via WENN

First up? AshLee, who Emily says "looked great in a casual, white dress with strappy platforms, even though by the end of the day I'm betting she wished she had brought some flats!" Next up? Catherine! Emily loved this gal's black-and-white strapless Rose Ceremony dress, especially since "she kept the jewelry very minimal and let her beautiful hair be her best accessory!”

And although she lost at love, Emily thought Kacie B won a style. Sean's most recent ex-girlfriend rocked a bright red top with a printed mini-skirt, and Emily more than approves. "My mom has given me a lot of advice — some I take and some I don't — but one piece I always try to follow is to dress like a lady," Emily says. "So, if you're showing a lot of leg, cover up on top and vice versa.”

Hear that, Bachelor ladies? Please listen to Mama Maynard's sage words of wisdom before we all go blind (we saw that, Lesley M. Near miss.).

Source: In Style