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All season long we've heard men gushing about Emily Maynard's beauty and it sounds like no one is more sick of hearing about it than The Bachelorette herself. She appreciated how Jef Holm's love letter — shared on his hometown date on Season 8, Episode 8 — was about her heart instead of "superficial things that undoubtedly will fade."

Here are more highlights from Emily's blog:

The two sides of Jef: "I never know what to expect when I'm with Jef and of course, he surprised me once again! It's hard to believe the same guy who knows about Chloé bags can shoot clay pigeons like it's his job! Just like me, there are two sides to Jef and I love that we can bond over so many different things. Even though his parents weren't there, I absolutely loved his family, especially his sweet little niece, June! I could tell they were skeptical – just like my own family was – but hopefully after seeing the two of us together they were able to see how real it can be. They made me feel so welcome, and while talking to his sisters I felt like I was talking to my girlfriends back home. I was sad to leave them, but had no idea what Jef had planned for the second part of the day. The letter Jef wrote me was so perfect. I loved that everything he loved about me had to do with my heart and the way I make him feel, not superficial things that undoubtedly will fade."

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Emily loves racing ... with Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: "On my last season of The Bachelor there was a lot of drama surrounding the NASCAR date. I want it to be very clear that I love the racetrack and have so many wonderful memories there, but was only upset because I felt like I was put in an unfair position and my past was being brought up too frequently. I told Arie I was totally comfortable at the track, and I know he never would've taken me there if I hadn't. Arie was just as nervous as I was to meet his family, which didn't help calm my nerves at all. But by the end of the night I knew I had no reason to be nervous. His mom is one of the coolest ladies I've ever met and she actually gave me a skirt – you'll see me wear it in an upcoming episode! I saw a different side of Arie after meeting his family and have an even bigger soft spot in my heart for him."

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Sean Lowe's entire universe is a genetic gift: "When I pulled up and saw Sean standing there with his dogs I thought I had accidentally crashed a Ralph Lauren photo shoot. Seriously, how in the world is this guy so perfect that even his dogs are well behaved? I'm starting to wonder if Sean is even human! However, after seeing the room at his parents' house that he supposedly lived in, all my dreams were shattered. Not because I thought he lived at home (though if you saw the way his mother had decorated their home you would want to live there too), but because that room was a MESS! I'm always cleaning something so that room sparked some serious anxiety in me. Thank goodness it was just a joke and even though I never got to see his actual home, I'd be willing to bet it's in perfect order, too!"

Too much perfection can be intimidating. Do you think that could eventually hurt Sean — the idea that Emily would have to live up to some impossible standard? Or would it inspire her to fit right into that picture-perfect world?

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