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The corn-rowed love child commonly known as Ricki Hendrick is growing up so fast, ya'll! This Bachelorette mini-me is already losing her baby teeth, and you know what that means the Tooth Fairy (read: Emily Maynard) has some serious dolla dolla bills to shell out. Tragically, she didn’t seem particularly prepared for the occasion.

"Ricki lost a tooth last night and I had no cash to put under her pillow so I took $ out of her piggy bank," Emily tweeted on January 7th. "Not my proudest mommy moment." We doubt Ricki will notice a few dollars missing, but Emily still feels guilty. "I think the guilt was worse than anything!" she wrote. "Never thought I'd owe my 7 year old money!"

No big deal, Emily. Ricki won't judge you for stealing from her piggy bank! But if she does, we fully expect her to charge interest in the form of body glitter and butterfly clips.

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