Those of you worried about Emily Maynard’s pretty face can keep calm and carry on now! Earlier this week, we shared a photo of Emily exiting a plastic surgeon’s office in Charlotte, NC after a 90-minute visit.  Naturally, Emily fans (us included) were led to speculate — is Emily getting work done?
While Emily hasn’t responded directly to the rumors, a conversation she had on Twitter with the photographer who snapped those pics did shed some light on the subject:

Credit: Twitter

Okay, to be fair to us, speculating that someone who went to a plastic surgeon’s office might be considering surgery is at best a 2+2=5 level of conjecture! As it turns out, the practice Emily visited does offer 30- and 60-minute facial treatments. An hour-long facial sounds like a dream we don’t want to wake up from. No wonder Emily’s skin is so flawless!

Source: TwitterStillwater Plastic Surgery’s website

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