Credit: Splash News

It’s hard to imagine Emily Maynard ever having a reason to feel self-conscious about her appearance. She looks flawless even when grocery shopping! However, as a teen, Emily reportedly struggled with Bell’s palsy for several months, making her the target of mean-spirited teasing by her classmates, according to Us Weekly.

WebMD defines Bell’s palsy as a sudden-onset neurological condition that causes the facial muscles on one side of the face to become temporarily weakened or even completely paralyzed.  According to Us Weekly’s sources, Emily suffered from the condition for a few months in adolescence, which immobilized the right side of her face and led to a drooping expression common of the condition. “She was tormented in school,” the source added.

While Emily eventually made a full recovery, the Us Weekly source implies that the period of time she dealt with Bell’s palsy led the Bachelorette to feel insecure about her appearance. This may account for the plastic surgery she is reported to have underwent before appearing on The Bachelor.

We hope Emily knows now — surgery or no surgery — that she’s gorgeous just the way she is!

Source: Us Weekly, WebMD

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