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Emily Maynard made a name for herself by batting her lashes on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but girlfriend has a new obsession: looking pretty! This southern belle has morphed into a full-fledged fashionista, and she's finally dishing on how she manages to look so picture perfect every day of the week. The secret? Makeup, and lots of it.

“I’m Southern, so I love lots of blush, lots of eyeliner — I just own it,” Emily tells Daily Glow. “I always like to be a little bit tan, so I think that a good bronzer or a good self-tanner can go a long way and make you feel healthy.”

Speaking of getting all dolled up, Emily is spilling the beans when it comes to her luscious locks of love. How does girlfriend get her hair to look so perfect each and every day? “Honestly, I don’t wash it every day,” she admits. “This really helps cut down on the amount of heat I put on my hair.”

Of course, even when Em's too busy to wash and style her hair, she uses a hair wand on her tresses — just to kick them up a notch. “It’s so fast, and it’s impossible to get wrong,” she says. “So if I wake up and my hair’s a mess, I’ll run that through my hair and it looks like I’ve spent a lot more time styling it.”

Wow, so many secrets, we feel totally prepared to tackle her look. See, guys, Emily really is our fairy godmother! Will you try out this glamazon's beauty secrets or stick to your own routine? Considering that ours is waking up and smearing circa 1999 Lip Smackers on our face, we're thinking we'll give Em's pro-tips a shot.

Source: Daily Glow