Credit: Holly Durst on Twitter Photo: Blake Julian, Holly Durst and West Lee’s Night Out in South Carolina on September 16, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 is over. The cameras are gone. Now all that newly-engaged couple Holly Durst and Blake Julian have left is the honest simplicity of their love for each other.

Well, that and their very active Twitter accounts, of course!

In case you missed it, Holly packed up her life in Los Angeles and moved in to her flawless-toothed fiance’s place over in South Carolina. So what’s it like for the California girl and the Southern boy to start their new lives together? Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, we can get all the inside scoop!

Credit: Blake Julian on Twitter Photo: Holly Durst Watches a Football Game With Blake Juilan in South Carolina on September 18, 2011

On September 16, Holly tweeted a cute pic of herself  enjoying a night out on the town with Blake and Blake’s fellow Bachelorette Season 7 alum West Lee. Two days later, sports fan Holly donned her best football jersey and a frilly white skirt before promptly settling down to watch the game. Blake tweeted this pic, saying, “I'm only now realizing what I've gotten myself into. :) #loveit” Aww.

In case you think their whirlwind romance is going to fizzle out, these two certainly appear to have marriage on the brain. The next day, Holly tweeted, “Wine & wedding talk tonight with @BlakeMJulian ♡” on September 19. Just in case we didn’t get the message, Blake followed up by tweeting, ““Wedding plans: check!” a little while later.

Hear that, world? They still plan on getting married! Just in case you wanted to know.

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