Credit: Twitter Photo: Jef Holm Gets Patriotic in Photo From Twitter

While The Bachelorette contestant Jef Holm was busy fighting for the heart of Emily Maynard (and doing a pretty great job at it, considering he’s rumored to have made it through to the final three!), the organization he co-founded, People Water, helped sponsor “A Night of Generosity” in Los Angeles on May 4. 



Credit: People Water Photo: Jef Holm's Co-Workers Pose at People Water Party

People Water is an organization that works to help provide clean drinking water to the parts of the world that need it most. Their other co-founder, Cody Barker, and the company’s marketing director, Seth Howell, attended the "A Night of Generosity" party, where they celebrated People Water’s pledge to fund two new Ghanaian drinking wells. Twenty-seven new wells received pledges for funding throughout the night, which will help bring water to Ghana as well Haiti, and Ethiopia. 


Credit: People Water Photo: Seth Howell and Jason Kennedy Party at A Night of Generosity

E! television personality Jason Kennedy also attended the event and pledged money towards the effort.

Nice to know the guy who may win Emily’s heart is invested in such a great cause!

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