Credit: AvantGarde Communications Group Photo: Michael Stagliano Helps Out at Thanksgiving

As the winner of Bachelor Pad 2Michael Stagliano may be Bachelor royalty — but he's not too proud to lend a hand for some holiday funtivities. In this new pic, exclusive to Wetpaint Entertainment, Michael shows off his mad skills in the kitchen, and it looks like he's got an absolute feast planned. Are those cupcakes we see in the background? Delicious!

Michael says this was his "annual contribution to Thanksgiving dinner," and whether that means drying a glass or just lending his pretty face to the cause, we're satisfied with his holiday cheer, especially so long as he keeps that adorkable apron on. We can't help but feel a little bummed that our invitation to Michael's Thanksgiving fete got lost in the mail, but hey — there's always next year!