Former Bachelorette Jen Schefft is expecting her first child with husband Joe Waterman, a trader, in November. The couple has been married for a year.

"I was shocked," Schefft said. "I thought it would take more time." In fact, the reality television star made triple-sure (via a whopping three pregnancy tests) before she broke the news to her husband. Once Schefft confirmed she was truly preggers, she chose a rather unconventional way of announcing her pregnancy. She put the three pregnancy tests in a Ziploc bag and presented them to her husband at the train station when she picked him up for work that day. Here honey, have my pee sticks! Waterman's response to his wife's news? A high-five!

"I handed him the baggie, and he gave me a high-five. He hugged me too, of course, but we were so taken off guard," she said. Schefft couldn't be more excited about being a mom — she has a hunch it's a girl, and she's already picked out 10 baby names she likes!

Source: US Weekly