Credit: ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Ali Fedotowsky Pins a Rose on Frank Neuschafer in Season 6 of The Bachelorette

If all Bachelor and Bachelorette fans really want is a happy ending, then there's no reason to hold a grudge against Season 6 Bachelorette expat Frank Neuschaefer.

Frank, as you no doubt remember, left Ali Fedotowsky so he could return home to reunite with ex-girlfriend Nicole Caruso. Frank spoke to his local Illinois paper, Geneva Republican, about his decision and how there was no real reason why he broke up with Nicole in the first place, other than to just go on the show.

"I'd rather be with Nicole than with Ali. It was probably the best decision I ever made," Frank said. "My appearance on The Bachelorette has brought so much good to my life. Clearly, the show didn't conclude quite as I had envisioned. I stayed optimistic and found all the ways I could benefit from it."

One of the ways Frank is benefiting from the show is by developing Chi Omicron, an organization that combats teen depression, suicide, and bullying. The group has a website,, but Frank told the paper, "I think the organization is lacking a formalized objective. And I need to compile some grounded research that will assure school districts that the Chi Omicron approach is right for them."

Frank and Nicole also recently competed in a "World's Best Couple" challenge to win a diamond ring, but they didn't make the finals. Frank said he will also be competing in the Chicago Dance Marathon in March to benefit the Children's Memorial Hospital.

So is it officially time to stop hating on Frank for leaving Ali ... or is that just a lost cause?

Source: Geneva Republican