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Kasey Kahl & Vienna Girardi, Bachelor Pad 2
Honestly, we went into BP2 expecting to be Team Kasey (and Vienna), but they just went about everything the wrong way. They were already in a committed relationship before going on the show, and their #1 goal was to turn the house against her ex, Jake Pavelka. But then they turned the house — and viewers — against themselves with their fighting, whining, crying and many insults to the cameras. (All while Jake wisely played The Nice Guy.) They took over the show for all the wrong reasons and really just seemed like the worst thing to happen to each other. Apparently they agreed, since after the show they split up and now live on opposite sides of the country. Probably for the best.

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Bachelor Pad excels at making couples. (And making whoopie, tears, lies, boob jokes...) The Bachelor franchise’s goofy little step cousin is always good for melodramatic showmances, but also for a few short-term relationships that usually peter out after the show, and even a few love stories that have stood the test of time and/or commitment. The September 10 BP3 finale is going to update us on the status of the latest group’s relationships — the good, the bad, and the very ugly. In their honor, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst couples on the three seasons of Bachelor Pad.



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Tenley Molzahn & Kiptyn Locke, Bachelor Pad 1
Tenley and Kiptyn were already friends before teaming up on BP1. Early on, Tenley admitted she had a crush on Kip and wouldn’t mind exploring a relationship, if he would just make a move. Eventually, he did make a move. They ended up taking second place, behind David Good and Natalie Getz, who had their own little showmance, but Kip-Ten is still going strong, two years later. That’s a year longer than Bachelorette 7’s Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum have been together. If they decide to get hitched, we’ll be thrilled — but either way, they are definitely in the “win” column.

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Elizabeth Kitt & Jesse Kovacs, Bachelor Pad 1
Every season there’s at least one couple that’s just wildly dysfunctional. Usually the girl gets insecure and clingy to keep the guy, while he wonders why she’s feeling all these feelings and says not-so-nice things behind her back. The first couple of this kind was Elizabeth and Jesse. Apparently they were a couple before the show, but Elizabeth seemed to think they were more serious than Jesse. They had their peaks and valleys on the show, but it was mostly valleys and their split was pretty ugly. They were the source of enough drama in the house that they probably would’ve been easy for Tenley Molzahn & Kiptyn Locke to beat in the end, had they made a strategic finale decision instead of taking friends (and eventual winners) Dave & Natalie.

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Blake Julian & Holly Durst, Bachelor Pad 2
At first, we just wanted ex-engaged couple Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano to pull a Tim Gunn and make it work. But Holly fell hard for Blake on BP2 and the feeling was mutual. We figured it was just a serious infatuation — and even after their surprise engagement on the BP2 finale, we wondered if they’d ever really make it down the aisle. Well, they did! They’re the first Bachelor Pad marriage and the third show couple marriage in the franchise, after Trista and Ryan Sutter and Jason and Molly Mesnick. Other couples have found each other off the show (like BP1’s Peyton Wright and Bachelorette 6’s Chris Lambton), but Holly and Blake proved you can go through the franchise’s romance express line and still make it work.

Melissa Schreiber & Blake Julian, Bachelor Pad 2
The second massively dysfunctional couple to follow the Elizabeth and Jesse pattern was Melissa and Blake. These two somehow became a couple early on, even though their personalities didn’t really mesh. Blake figured this out early, but Melissa really wanted a love story — and a strong strategic partner — and expected more loyalty from Blake than Blake was willing to give. She clung, he ran … to Holly. (See above) He wasn’t as sensitive about it as he could’ve been, but they were just a bad idea from the start.

Graham Bunn & Michelle Money, Bachelor Pad 2
Has there ever been a more attractive couple than Team Money Bunns? They seemed drawn to each other like Hot People magnets and pretty much ruled the house while always staying out of the insane BP2 drama. We’re still not sure how they didn’t win. We’re sad that they’re not still together, but that’s long distance for you. He’s in New York (with a new girlfriend) and she’s in Utah with her daughter and her own life. We kept pushing for him to move West, but some people just insist on thinking for themselves. Stubborn!

Ames Brown & Jackie Gordon, Bachelor Pad 2
It’s still impossible to write about Team Jackie Brown without a where-did-it-all-go-wrong headshake. ‘Cause, seriously, where did it all go wrong? The two kind, quiet intellectuals had the fastest hookup in history, even surprising their fellow BP2 Padawans when they were all over each other in the first episode. When she was eliminated, he ran out after her, giving up all chances for money in honor of love. They continued their love story off the show, but then after only a couple of weeks in the “real world,” they broke up. (Or he broke it up and she just reeled from it.) They’ve moved on but, from here, it’s still upsetting.

Jamie Otis & Chris Bukowski, Bachelor Pad 3
Speaking of a bad idea from the start, why did Jamie chase after Chris when he was already partnered with Blakeley? Not to mention the fact that her partner at the time, Ryan Hoag, made her a birthday cake and seemed to treat her with respect. Is that such a turn-off? Chris thought Jamie was hot, but had no real interest in a relationship. Still, he definitely led her on and seemed to think it was fine to play with her emotions. Why do so many men of Bachelor Pad do that? (Dissertation topic of the day!)

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Blakeley Jones & Tony Pieper, Bachelor Pad 3
The tearful single dad and the scrapbook-making Hooters alum seemed like an odd couple, at first, but the late-in-the-game BP3 pair turned out to be a good team. Blakeley’s constant “you got this” cheerleading gave Tony the boost he needed to win his half of their plate-carrying challenge — and his calm, positive attitude gave Blakeley the boost she needed to get through a dirty date in the wild and a disappointing elimination. Plus, they’re still going strong! Blakeley is moving cross country to be with Tony. And we hear there’s even more good news headed our way about this couple...

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The Twins, Bachelor Pad 3
Wow, what a bad idea! First of all, why were the Jersey Shore twins on our show? They were too trashy, even for us. Second, why make them compete as one person? Everyone else had to form male/female partnerships and, at least for the first part of the show, vote individually. Why force them to stay as a one-vote couple? Third, were they even speaking English? They made no sense. The only good thing about them was that they quit. Wrong turn on that one, Powers That Be!

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Kalon McMahon & Lindzi Cox, Bachelor Pad 3
Long-distance relationships are tricky. We’re not exactly picking out June wedding dates for Team Kindzi, but theirs was the most consistent love story on BP3. They hooked up relatively early on and just focused on each other. Kalon lied to everyone in sight, but made a point to say he would never lie to Lindzi. She brought out the best in him. We didn’t get to see too much of her personality on BP3, but we learned enough about her on The Bachelor to know Kalon’s a lucky guy. We hope they can somehow make it work from afar. But, if not, we’ll always have fond memories of their preppy horse & hound fabulousness. Just don’t text her back to Dumpsville!

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