The Bachelorette's Emily Maynard is world famous for her stunning good looks, but recent reports claim her devastating beauty might not be 100-percent natural. According to a report by Us Weekly, Emily went under the knife in 2010, and got breast implants, a nose job, and veneers!

Sources say Emily had so much work done because of insecurities stemming from her battle with Bell's palsy, and a source close to Brad Womack even went so far as to say "her expressions seem kind of frozen. It looks like Botox."

Emily has neither confirmed nor denied the reports that she's had plastic surgery, but if you check out pictures of her as a teen, she's barely changed! Well, other than her teeth. There's no denying something's up with those bad boys, but maybe Em just has a great dentist!

As far as Emily's lovely lady lumps go, it's possible that they became bigger after Ricki's birth and never returned to their normal size. Either way, we think Emily looks picture perfect, even if she's had a little work done here and there!

Source: Us Weekly

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