Credit: @HollyJulian

Holly Durst and Blake Julian aren’t just two pretty faces who happened to meet on reality television. In real life (whoa, existential), Blake Julian is a dentist, working hard to make the world a better place, one healthy molar at a time.

And he’s not alone in fighting the good clean teeth fight; today, wife Holly tweeted this adorbs photo of the Bachelor Pad lovebirds working together at the office! With Holly and Blake on your side, you’ll never have to fight plaque alone. Time to sign up for that much-delayed root canal!

Source: @HollyJulian

Holly Durst & Blake Jullian - South Carolina Wedding Same Day Edit from IMAGIQUE on Vimeo.

Credit: Daniel Boswell / Imagique Weddings Photo: Watch Bachelor Pad's Holly Durst and Blake Julian Exchange Wedding Vows! (VIDEO)