We have a serious case of Night Fever, and the only prescription is more dancing! And more polyester onesies, but let's not get over zealous.

Bachelor Pad 2 winner Holly (Durst) Julian just celebrated her 30th birthday, and she got the surprise of her life when her hubby, Blake Julian, threw her a '70s-themed roller skating party! Holly busted all kinds of moves (while wearing a hilarious outfit), and let's just say girl can dance.

Need proof? Just check out this video of Holly getting her groove on with Blake (who's wearing what appears to be a mysterious blonde wig), her best friends and a fleet of random children. OMG, did we just arrive in Funky Town?

And warning, this video features footage of men in pink belly shirts and cut-off denim shorts. Temporary blindness may occur. 

Credit: Holly J on YouTube Photo: Watch: Holly Durst Dirty Dances At Her '70s-Themed Birthday Party (VIDEO)

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