It’s all happening! Holly Durst has her first book out this month, Chocolate Socks, and is marrying the love of her life, Blake Julian, in an intimate South Carolina ceremony this summer. The Bachelor Pad alum speaks exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment about her whirlwind year of fairytale dreams coming true.

Summer Wedding

Credit: Ames Brown's Twitter Photo: Blake Julian Kisses Holly Durst on November 5, 2011

Holly and Blake are getting hitched on June 2, 2012, in South Carolina, and they just sent out their save-the-dates! When asked how many guests she’s expecting at the ceremony, Holly laughed and said, “I really don’t know… We just sent out 150 save-the-dates… I should actually find that out.”

Blake and Holly are beyond excited for the wedding, so much Holly says, “I wish it was tomorrow.”  While she’s excited to walk down the aisle, Holly says she’s more excited to just be married to Blake. “We’re a really fun-loving couple.” Blake, for his part, is most excited about the couple’s week long honeymoon in Saint Lucia.

As for whether there will be any little Blakes running around soon, Holly says you won’t hear the pitter-patter of baby footsteps in the near future. “When the time is right, it will happen,” but for now, “I’m just so happy with our life.” However, when it does happen, Holly “really” wants a baby girl.

Chocolate Socks

Credit: Twitter Photo: Holly Durst and Chocolate Socks

“I was looking for a publisher for years,” Holly says. She had decided to self-publish Chocolate Socks when, by chance, she met the publisher of Ambassador International at a charity event. Afterward, the South Carolina publisher sent the Bachelor Pad alum an email saying he wanted to publish her book — and the rest is (adorable) history!

Holly has already written a number of books, and hasn’t yet decided what book she wants to publish next. She’s got a couple of ideas in the back of her head, including one about the tooth fairy and another, I Miss You, about dealing with the sadness of separation of parent and child.

Holly first got the idea for Chocolate Socks when she was sent a thoughtful present by an ex-boyfriend six years ago. “I love socks, and I love chocolate, and I just thought it was the sweetest thing,” Holly said.

You can order Holly’s book on her website or on Amazon. (She is personalizing every book ordered directly from her site).

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