Credit: Ashley Hebert on Twitter Photo: Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum at After the Final Rose for The Bachelorette 2012

Bachelorette bride-to-be Ashley Hebert and her fiancé JP Rosenbaum live in New Jersey, which is being hit really hard by Hurricane Sandy right now. It sounds like the couple are coping with the weather and power outages with Scrabble, snacks, and lots of smack talk!

Yesterday, JP tweeted, “Just lost power and we gotta eat everything in the fridge before it spoils!!! I love you, #Sandy,” to which Ashley responded, “OMG, you’re in heaven.” Later on, JP bragged about beating Ash at Scrabble, “Look on the bright side, if it weren't for #sandy, I wouldn't have just kicked @ashhebert's ass in scrabble! #openupacan.”

How adorable is it that they tweet at each other from the same room? With massive power outages all over the state, they may want to conserve those batteries, though! Stay safe and dry, lovebirds.

Source: Twitter