Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are finally husband and wife, and now that their big, white wedding is over (sob, memories!), it's time for them to get back to regular life. Also "regular life" = frolicking with their small Ewok/puppy and looking various degrees of adorable.

J.P. and Ashley spent the holidays with J.P.'s brother, Roy, and his fiance at the Rosenbaum family home, and guys? Everyone is so good-looking, we can't even handle it. "Family fun with my brother in law and future sister in law!" Ashley posted on Twitter along with a festive pic of the fam. "Yay!"

Could this whack pack be cozier? Also, Ashley has taken to wearing a giant fur muff on her head, which may or may not be her dog in disguise. Crazier things have happened, like that time Chris Harrison tied celtic lace around Ash and J.P.'s hands and we cried really hard.

Source: Twitter