Credit: Sophie Elgort Photo: JP Rosenbaum Smolders in Purple for The Financial Times

JP Rosenbaum is one dashing gent, and when he isn't busy sweeping Ashley Hebert off her feet, he spends his time trolling around New York City looking amazing. Let's just say Scott Disick has some serious competition.

Credit: Sophie Elgort Photo: JP Rosenbaum Dons a Handsome Suit and Purple Tie for The Financial Times

FT recently wandered into The Big Apple to find a few well dressed men for fashion profiles, and who did they run into? None other than JP, wearing a seriously stunning Brian Mazza suit, an Urban Boulder tie-clip, and a bright purple pocket square from The Tie Bar! 

JP is a businessman, so as you might expect he has to look good to impress potential clients. Oh, and did we mention that he's sporting a Cartier watch in this pic (by photographer Sophie Elgort)? Because that's happening.

If you want your man to dress like JP, head over to Zara, Hugo Boss, or All Saints — his favorite haunts!

Source: FT