Original Bachelorette Trista Sutter was a Miami Heat dancer before going on The Bachelor Season 1. Now she's a 39-year-old mother of two, famously married to her Bachelorette Chosen One, Ryan Sutter. So how does she keep her perfect petite figure?

The Vail resident spoke about family and fitness in a new interview with Stacia Naquin of KKTV in Colorado. Here's a little excerpt:

Credit: Will Binns/PacificCoastNews Photo: Trista Sutter Rocks a Post-Baby Bod in Maui January 10, 2008

Stacia: I imagine your lives get pretty crazy. How do you make time for your health?
Trista: Really, it's just a way of life... especially when you live in Colorado and are married to a triathlete who used to play in the NFL.  I think it's about making healthy choices in terms of your diet, staying active with the kids and getting outside when we can, listening to your body when something doesn't feel right, and making sure that getting enough rest and sleep is a priority.

Stacia: What are your favorite moves to keep yourself in such great shape?
Trista: Abs, tricep presses, and push-ups are my go-to moves. I try to do them before bed just to kick start my metabolism before I hit the sack.  It may seem backward, but it works for me...at least most of the time!

Read the full interview here. And don't forget to try some push-ups before going to bed tonight!

Source: KKTV

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