We like to think that we’re pretty well-rounded when it comes to our obsessions — you know, equal parts total creeper and thoughtful romantic. And just as we like balance in our fictional relationships (did you get our letters, Sean Lowe?!), we also like to know what’s coming in real(ity) life. So, to figure out who the next Bachelorette will be, we employed some stats-based stalking tactics.

By looking back at the last eight Bachelorette rose-dolers and the place they finished in the competition, we found some pretty interesting trends. As opposed to the guys chosen as the Bachelor, every woman who has been made the face of the program was previously a contestant in another season. And every one of those ladies placed in the top four.

Credit: ABC via WENN

So, just how exactly do they rank? Well, interestingly, two of the ladies finished first (Emily Maynard in Season 15 and Jen Schefft in Season 3), two finished second (Trista Sutter in Season 1 and DeAnna Pappas in Season 11), two finished third (Ashley Hebert in Season 15 and Jillian Harris in Season 13), and two finished fourth (Ali Fedotowsky in Season 14 and Meredith Phillips in Season 4).

Unfortunately, there is no pattern of which season or finishing order dictates the following Bachelorette (read: just because Emily was 1st doesn’t mean they’ll choose a 2nd or 3rd or 4th place finisher this year), so it’s not immediately obvi who’s next. What this does mean is that it would go to show that either Desiree Hartsock, AshLee Frazier, or this season’s runner-up (Lindsay Yenter or Catherine Giudici) will be chosen for the next cycle.

Credit: ABC via WENN

Considering AshLee seemed completely destroyed after Sean dismissed her, we have a hard time believing that her heart would be in good shape to undergo another love journey — even if she would be the one in control. The runner-up, who had previously been called a “shoo-in” for Bachelorette by Reality Steve, is now thought to be out of consideration.

So, who does that leave? Des. Will she be the next lady in charge? She could design all her own rose ceremony dresses and fans loved her. We certainly wouldn’t mind a lot more of her sweet smile and biting sense of humor — just imagine the pranks she could pull on 25 unsuspecting dudes. But it’s not necessarily going to be someone from Sean’s season.

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As of yet, no ladies from Ben Flajnik’s season have been anointed Queen of the Roses. Would any of his top four — Courtney Robertson, Lindzi Cox, Nicki Sterling, or Kacie Boguskie — be the next Bachelorette? Unlikely. Courtney seems kind of over the whole thing and has already been pretty enmeshed in the scene (dating Arie Luyendyk, Jr. post-Ben), Lindzi was already on Bachelor Pad and got extra Bachelor Nation passport stamp dating Kalon McMahon, Nicki dropped off the face of the earth, and Kacie already had her second shot at love on Season 17.

Based on this super high level stalking, who do you think will be the next Bachelorette? Did we miss someone? Let’s talk about it.