Credit: Instagram

Jef Holm’s name has been getting awfully muddy on the internet since he and Season 8 Bachelorette Emily Maynard broke up. And, frankly, it’s starting to upset us. I mean, not to sound like Chris Crocker, but seriously: LEAVE JEF HOLM ALONE!!!

Was he running around with sorority chicks? We don’t know for sure, but we do know he deserves the benefit of the doubt. (And even if he was, he’s a young, single man in a free country!)

Did he choose fame over Emily? So far that’s nothing but gossip. But we think it’s important to point out that Jef basically went into hiding after the split. Hardly the actions of someone desperate for media attention.

And then there was the “JefHolmsEx” Twitter account that emerged last week, run by someone who claimed she was one of the “many” women Jef supposedly cheated on Emily with (um, wasn’t it Emily who allegedly cheated?). However, that account has since been deleted, without the account holder offering any real proof of a personal connection to Jef. Considering the fact that Jef is a public figure, it’s entirely possible — probable, even — that the account was just someone desperate for attention.

But now it’s getting real, you guys. Perez Hilton accused Jef of “stalking” Emily, based on nothing more than the fact that he’s currently in the same city as her. Um, it’s called a business trip. Should Jef have canceled his plans to expand People Water’s territory to North Carolina simply because his ex-girlfriend lives there? That doesn’t make any kind of business sense. Also, I’m pretty sure Emily doesn’t own Charlotte.

Not every break-up has to have a bad guy, you guys. Sometimes things just don’t work out. As far as we know, both Emily and Jef insist that they split amicably and harbor no ill will against each other. So maybe we should take their word for it?