Everybody’s favorite sexy dentist, Ashley Hebert, is now officially a married lady. But will she keep her maiden name or trade it in for Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum, D.M.D.? It sounds like she’s leaning towards the latter.

As she and her new hubby, J.P. Rosenbaum returned back to reality after their fairytale wedding, Ashley remarked on the embroidered name emblazoned on her lapel, “Looks like I’ll be needing a new white coat. Shucks.”

One of Ashley’s suitors on The BacheloretteRyan Mickey McLean, suggested a less traditional solution to Ashley’s predicament, “Since he doesn't wear a coat with a name on it he should just take your last name. So much easier.”

Now, why didn’t we think of that? J.P. Hebert has a nice ring to it!

Source: Ashley Hebert’s TwitterRyan McLean’s Twitter

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