Did you guys hear? Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively broke the news about Jef Holm’s rebound latest love, Katianna Bear. Turns out she’s a Southern blonde, who lives in New Orleans, and — record scratch — she’s 23 years old.

Now that’s only a five-year age difference from Jef, who just turned 28 — but as CEO of his own company, Bachelorette winner, and recently disengaged, we can’t help but wonder if she might be a little on the young side for Jef? After all, Emily Maynard was a woman who has been through a lot in her 26 years, but maybe that’s what Jef finds refreshing about Katianna: her youthful innocence?

We know that Jef has the face of a 14 year old, but the fact remains he’s actually twice that old. So what do you guys think: Is 23 too young for Jef?

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