Credit: Holly Durst on Twitter Photo: Holly Durst and Blake Julian at Home in South Carolina on September 15, 2011

Things may have gotten off to a rocky start for Bachelor Pad 2 couple Holly Durst and Blake Julian — them being forced to blindside her ex with news of their engagement on national television, and all — but this is one reality TV couple who seem committed to making things work!

We all know that living in the same city is one of the keys to success for any post-Bachelor relationship. (Right, Brad and Emily?) Luckily, Blake and Holly are more than willing to do just that.

Blake recently bought a dental practice in South Carolina, so moving to the West Coast to be with Holly is out of the question. Undeterred, the L.A. girl has already packed up her things and traded the bright lights of Hollywood for a new life on the East Coast with her fiance!

Holly tweeted the above picture on September 15, with the caption, “settling into our nest ♡.” She accompanied it was another photo of her playing around with some of Blake’s dental tools and paraphernalia.

Credit: Holly Durst on Twitter Photo: Holly Durst Plays With Blake Julian's Dental Tools on September 15, 2011

Maybe it’s research for her latest children’s book? Chocolate Socks could be followed up by Gummy Bear Teeth! (Can you imagine the cover art for that?)

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