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Breaking news, everyone. A Bachelor Nation bromance is brewing in California —  the players? None other than Jef "Coif Me" Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr., who competed for Emily Maynard's love on The Bachelorette Season 8.

These mega hunks fell madly in love with each other while simultaneously falling madly in love with Emily, and now that they're both over North Carolina's resident blonde bombshell, it looks like their love is free to bloom. Much like a giant rose plucked by Chris Harrison's delicate fingers.

Credit: Instagram

Arie and Jef recently met up for a date night in Los Angeles, where they giggled uproariously, took selfies, and (we assume) fed each other sushi. "Good thing we're in West Hollywood," Jef posted to Instagram on April 18 along with a picture of himself and Arie flirting with the camera while playing with chopsticks and drinking sake.

Meanwhile, Arie posted a picture of Jef smiling blissfully with the caption "He gets so excited when we go to sushi."

Awww, these two. But time to get down to business and come up with some 'shipper names. We're thinking Jarie, Aref, or — personal favorite — Jefie.

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