Remember back in the days of yore when Jef Holm was on The Bachelorette? Not only did he skate his way into Emily Maynard's heart, he engaged in a beautiful bromance with our favorite professional cupid, Chris Harrison.

Chris and Jef continued their affair to remember, and this past December they hit up Georgia's famed Augusta National Golf Club, one of America's ten best golf courses and home of the Masters Tournament. You know, whatever those are. We only understand sports with "putt-putt" in the prefix.

Not only did Jef describe his adventure with Chris as one of the "best days of my life," Chris said it was a "magical experience." And apparently said experience was so magical that Chris and Jef decided to wear matching outfits! "Another picture from one of the best days ever with @chrisbharrison in Augusta, Georigia," Jef posted to Sulia on January 15th. "& we even match!"

Sigh, Jef and Chris look like two handsome sailors who have just docked their ship into Love's Harbor. Also, shoutout to Chris for those amazing pants.

Source: Twitter / Twitter / Sulia