Credit: Instagram

Remember when your super hip mom used to pick you up from school with her tank top-wearing hipster boyfriend? No? Because that never happened. Your mom was too busy wearing floor-length Laura Ashley skirts and linen "blouses" from Eddie Bauer. The moral of this story? We want Emily Maynard and her Bachelorette fiance, Jef Holm, to be our mom and dad.

Check out this artistic snapshot that Jef tweeted from the halls of Ricki's school with the clever (and poetic) caption, "school is cool." Damn straight it is, Jef! In case you aren't in the know, Jef recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to be closer to his new family, and we love how active he is in Ricki's life!

In other news, hello, strange random children in the back of this picture. High fives for making it onto Jef's Instagram.

Source: Instagram