Credit: @JefHolm

Jef Holm very publicly split with his Bachelorette fiancee Emily Maynard recently, but some of those normal break-up things still haven’t happened. He stopped coaching Ricki’s soccer team and all that, but he hasn’t done the first thing we would have: namely, move back to where he came from.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Jef and the city of Charlotte are still playing house. Although Jef lives half time in Utah, and travels around a whole lot with his company, he still has his (bachelor. Come on, give us that one) pad in North Carolina.

Jef recently held a big to-do at a local store to celebrate it becoming the first store in NC to carry his People Water. As you’d expect, tons of Bachelorette fans showed up to meet the man behind the gingham shirt. Normally, we’d be all like “get off our man,” but considering they contributed to his campaign to provide clean water, we’ll put our hoop earrings back on and let it go.

So, why is Jef still in Charlotte? Good question. There are perfectly good condos available in our towns, and we’ll even throw him a house warming party. Just saying.

Source: Charlotte Observer

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