Credit: Twitter

Jef and Emily were deprived of nutrients during their tenure on The Bachelorette, so it comes as no surprise that they spend most of their time binge-eating carbs. During their most recent hang sesh, Emily took her hubby-to-be for a night out on the town in Charlotte, where they feasted on giant burgers and a platter of sushi — and managed to make us both hungry and swoony while doing so.

"Learning the ropes in Charlotte with my baby boo," Jef tweeted on August 20th. "#datenight #babysitter."

Um, excuse us. Did Jef just refer to Emily as his "baby boo?" There is no longer room for a burger in our stomachs, because we just feasted on a big plate of love. Also, Jef is one step away from calling Emily "Honey Boo Boo" — just saying.

Source: Twitter