Credit: @JefHolm

Jef Holm might be famous for wearing pleated khakis and winning Emily Maynard's backwoods hoodrat heart on The Bachelorette, but let's not forget his do-gooder roots. Jef is passionate about bringing clean water to countries in need, and works tirelessly with his company, People Water, to build sustainable sources of H 2 the izz O.

Jef and People Water co-founder, Cody Barker, are currently in sunny California for some bro-time, and they're making sure to promote their charitable company whenever they can.

"I really hope @theamerican doesn't throw up during this interview," Jef tweeted along with a picture of himself and Cody at a morning show. "he had milk & spaghetti last night. #justinbieber."

Of course Jef is referring to the fact that The Biebs vommed all over the stage a few nights ago (it was beautiful, whatever), but we have no idea why Cody is drinking milk when People Water is available. Get your coif in the game, buddy!

Source: Instagram