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It’s pretty hard for us to imagine a universe in which Jef Holm is cheated on, but according to Us Weekly, that’s our current reality. Back on August 19, Jef reportedly uncovered a series of salacious texts between his flaxen-haired fiancee and one very famous athlete. We didn’t know Emily Maynard’s other dude’s name until now, but Us Weekly again reveals all in their latest cover story. So, who is this guy — who’s also been linked to Kristin Cavallari and Paris Hilton?

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It’s Matt Leinart, as in Oakland Raiders QB Matt Leinart. According to Kaylee Shepherd, Jef’s ex girlfriend, Jef was bothered by how much Emily was texting during vacation with his family — so he looked at her phone. While Jef didn’t tell Kaylee the name of the guy, he did say “It was that pro football player.” Us’s sources confirm he was indeed referring to Matt Leinart. 

What do you think? Do you believe Kaylee’s story — or do you think it’s a tall tale from a woman scorned?

Source: Us Weekly