Credit: Jef Holm on Instagram Photo: Jef Holm Does Yoga at the Beach in January 2013

Shhhhh, everyone be quiet. Jef Holm is sleeping.

No, wait. Sorry, Jef Holm is doing yoga on a jagged rock formation by the beach, and it's extremely spiritual so don't you dare interrupt him. In fact, Jef is so serious about his spontaneous beach yoga session that he didn't even bother captioning this picture. It speaks for itself, and it's gently whispering "namaste."

In case you're wondering where in the world Jef is, this Bachelorette runner-up appears to be back in San Diego. In fact, if we know our rock formations (and we think we do), we'd place him at Torrey Pines, a gorgeous expanse of beach known for its beautiful sunsets and stellar golf course!

May the force be with you, El Jeffe.

Source: Instagram