Credit: @JefHolm

You guys, being Jef Holm is hard. Much like a freshly-waxed six pack!

In case you've been busy drowning your sorrows in white wine, Jef and Bachelorette Emily Maynard recently broke up and are currently weathering an epic media storm.

The biggest downside? The paparazzi, who will stop at nothing to get a picture. In fact, Jef was hounded by a roaming pap while out on the golf course, and took it to Twitter to complain about his plight: "I send out a tweet about playing golf & next thing I know this guy rolls up & follows me the entire course."

Sigh, poor Jef. It's just like, let the man be alone with his white glove and golf balls, guys. Then again, Jef could always follow fan-advice by mooning the paparazzi and calling it a day.

Source: @JefHolm