Credit: @JefHolm

We all know Jef Holm as a skateboard-riding khaki shorts enthusiast with hair that won't quit, but did you know he has a passionate love for golf? And not ironic put-put golf, real golf. As in he travels the USofA wearing one glove, Michael Jackson style.

Jef recently met up with The Bachelor's Chris Harrison for a round of golf at South Carolina's famed Augusta National Golf Club, home of the annual Masters Tournaments and one of America's ten best courses.

Jef described his golfy bromance with Chris as one of the "best days of my life," while Chris tweeted, "Checked one off the bucket list today. Truly magical experience thx @jefholm."

Obviously, any experience with Jef is magical and full of rainbows. Tell us something we don't know, Chris Harrison.

Source: Twitter, Twitter