Credit: Twitter

Finally, our prayers to The Chris Harrison Overlords are being answered. Jef Holm has taken a picture of himself holding a disembodied hand, while his People Water co-founder, Cody Barker, is flashing his signature "peace sign." But wait, it gets better! Said disembodied hand is also giving a peace sign! So meta, so beautiful.

But what's really going on in this picture? Time to play detective! Apparently, Jef accepted this prize from @theamerican, who we assume is one of his buddies from People Water since the handle has a link to the company's website. In conclusion, we have determined that this statue is, in fact, a cast of Jef's hand, which leads us to believe that he spent about an hour holding his fingers in a peace sign while sticking them in a bucket of white goo.

In a word: YES.

Source: Instagram